James Bond Roulette Strategy

James Bond Roulette Strategy

Who has never, at one time or another, dreamed of slipping into the skin of the most famous secret agent in the history of qq96ace cinema? You will have certainly guessed it. We are obviously referring to the British spy James Bond! Although his natural demeanor and his share of heroic deeds have largely contributed to forging his reputation, those of you who have faithfully followed his hectic adventures know that 007 is second to none for playing casino with finesse and efficiency at the point that a roulette strategy now bears his name! Let us make you discover it without further delay.


Despite its intimidating name, you will soon realize that the James Bond roulette strategy is childishly simple (enough to contrast with the reference character). If you want to practice the James Bond strategy in roulette, please keep in mind that a paltry sum and a cross of fingers will not be enough. Indeed, to properly apply the James Bond strategy to roulette, you will need at least € 200. 


What are the potential outcomes?


If you choose to apply the James Bond strategy to roulette, several scenarios are possible. In addition to recovering your stake, you will gain at least € 80 if you get a number between 19 and 36 (inclusive). If one of the numbers of the six (numbers between 13 and 18 – both included) goes out, you will win a gain of € 100. 


What will happen if I get a number between 1 and 12?


If you are unlucky enough to get a number between 1 and 12, the best thing to do is to double your bets on the next round using the maligned martingale system. What do you mean by ‘martingale system,’ you might say. Although we have several articles that will explain the basic principles of this delivery system’s negative progression, allow us to provide you with a brief description. The martingale system consists of doubling your bets after each defeat. For example, if you bet 5 chips and your round ends in defeat, you will have to bet 10 chips in the next round. 

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